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Why Hire Professional Plumbing? Don’t Take Our Word for it, Take theirs!

Professional Plumbing serves Charleston, SC and all surrounding areas. With years of experience and an established, trusted presence in the local community, we guarantee complete satisfaction with every service and for every customer we have the pleasure of doing business with. However, although we could go on and on explaining to you why we truly are the highest rated plumbing company in town you should always come to with all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs, we figured you’d rather hear it from our customers instead.

Browse through all of the reviews and testimonials from our customers, and see why we’re the highest rated plumbing company in Charleston, SC!


“Extremely professional, polite, and on time. Took a look at several issues we were having (even ones we didn’t discuss prior to the appointment). Answered all our questions and told us exactly what we needed to do so we could fix it ourselves, and then didn’t even charge us a fee for their time and effort. It was like asking your neighbor for help. Excellent experience! I would highly recommend them, and will definitely call them again for any plumbing work I need!” -Christie S.


“I called Professional Plumbers this morning and they were at my house within a half hour. They were absolutely wonderful! Listened to me, assessed the problem, and gave me several options, and were able to fix my plumbing issue today. And, the price was much better than any other plumbers I had talked to. I couldn’t be more pleased. I will never call anyone else for plumbing issues.” -Betty B.


“Just moved in, no hot water, called and spoke with Adam , he’s so patient. He spent ages on the phone talking me through things I could check my self. Then he came straight out and gave me all the information I needed to make decision as the best way forward ( new water tank ) Adam and Shawn were reliable , professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them and I am so happy to have found plumbers I can go to in the future. If only all professionals were like them. If there were ten stars I would give them instead of only five.” -Adrienne H.


“My mom had a back up issue at her house. She called her home warranty company and the plumber they sent were of no help at all.
Adam with Plumbing Professionals was quick to fit my mom into his schedule (same day and within the hour of calling!) Even though the problem was not able to be fixed right away, he did everything he could to ensure it would be fixed the following day. Very professional and will recommend to all my clients at for their plumbing needs.” -Abby M.


“I just had Adam out at my house to fix a broken hose bibb. He called to let me know when he was on his way and showed up when he said he would. He had all the tools and supplies he needed to fix the problem and fixed it on the spot. It might have taken all of 20 minutes. He was very professional and friendly. He also told me that they are more than willing to answer questions over the phone if I have plumbing issues which tells me they aren’t out to rip me off by telling me every problem is one they have to fix. I really appreciated the speed in which he responded and his honesty. I definitely would recommend them and use them again!” -Stacy J.


“I used Professional Plumbing on two occasions. The first time was to repair a toilet and line in my 200-year-old home. This was not an easy job and most plumbers would have given up on what was required to fix the issue. So, a big shout out to Adam & his team for their knowledge & perseverance. The 2nd time I was to inspect two older homes along the Edisto River before purchasing them. I am so thankful that Adam was willing to drive out to this rural property and give me a professional assessment of what problems I might run into down the road with the existing plumbing. I now have the peace of mind to move forward with the purchase. Thanks again Adam and team!” -Barry M.


“Yesterday after a long day at work, I came home to find food from the kitchen sink in my bathtub….not the best feeling. I went to the marketplace on fb and searched good plumbers, and found Adams business. Called immediately and he answered on the first try. He was here within 20 minutes and was able to figure out and fix the problem in no time. I am extremely grateful for his help….he saved the day!!!” -Natalie W.


These few reviews are just 7 of the 340+ we have, in which all have an overall 99.7% 5 star rating! So why should we sit here and continue trying to tell you why Professional Plumbing is your go to plumbing company in Charleston, SC, when our customers can do so themselves? See for yourself through our customer’s eyes what kind of experience and professionalism you’ll get when you hire Professional Plumbing!

Give us a call today at (843) 499-0174 for all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs, and just like a neighbor, we’ll be right there in a jiffy to lend a hand and help out!


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Remodeling Tips and Plumbing Advice You Should Know When Renovating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Are you currently in the process of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom soon? There’s a lot more that goes into a remodel than just picking out the best looking counters, appliances and products. This list of remodeling tips and advice is sure to help you avoid plumbing problems as you redecorate your home!

List of Remodeling Tips and Plumbing Advice

Remodeling tips for bathroom and kitchen counter tops different types and styles of counter topsWhen deciding on new counter top, make sure to be aware of the possible unintended consequences of your decision.

One of the most important remodeling tips we could give you. A thicker counter top may not work with the faucet you pick out. Most faucets are designed for a “deck height”, which refers to counter tops with a thickness of 1” or less. A lot of granite counter tops now being produced are closer to 1 1/4″ in thickness. Either a different faucet will have to be purchased, or a faucet extension kit specifically for that manufacturer and style will need to be installed.

When replacing your countertop, the under mount sink seems to be a growing trend, especially a deeper sink. This too may have unintended consequences, as the drain outlet connection at the wall is already set. By lowering the connection at the sink, you have changed the flow ability of the drainage system to the wall. This may cause the ability of the sink to drain in a negative slope, therefore creating a waste stall or a terrible smell to retain as the water and waste can not properly drain without moving the drain outlet. It can also mean the new garbage disposer won’t be able to be installed, as it sits a few inches below the sink.

Purchasing a good new garbage disposal to avoid future problems

When purchasing a new garbage disposer, look for one that has the ability to relieve a jamb without using a hammer or broom handle. We always suggest using a pair of tongs to remove items from your disposer. Should it happen to turn on, replacing a pair of tongs is far easier than replacing fingers as humans to do not have the same regeneration capabilities as a crustacean.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling tips before and after renovation photosBe cautious and dispose of all materials properly when remodeling your bathroom

Another one of our remodeling tips that is crucial with remodels in your bathroom, is to be cautious and dispose of all materials properly. Things such as cleaning wipes, paper towels, and all other disposable items used while painting, cleaning up and everything else in between, will result in a clog if you dispose of them in the toilet. Have a trash bag or bin somewhere close by you can toss all materials in, and avoid any urge to just flush it. If you fail to dispose of everything properly, you can expect to pay a lot out of pocket to repair the clog. Between the plumbing repairs (least expensive portion of the project), water restoration, removal and replacement of flooring (including trim and baseboard), and painting, this occurrence can over $5,000 to the property owner. Insurance may not cover this and the people occupying the property will be inconvenienced for as well.

Find the right plumber to help get the job done

Professional Plumbing is Locally Owned and Operated, properly licensed, and happy to answer any questions you have.  We will even assist you over the phone at no cost if you are doing the repair yourself.  We believe in Earning your business, not just earning your money.

– “Please keep these things in mind to allow your renovation to move as smoothly as possible. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call. Professional Plumbing never charges a fee for free advice.” – Adam F.

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