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Jetting service

High-pressure water jetting is an efficient, economical and environmentally safe way to clean drain and sewer pipes. Using pumps and flexible hoses, ordinary water is propelled under varying amounts of pressure (4,000 psi) into the clogged line. A special nozzle mounted on the end of a heavy-duty hose has an array of forward and reverse water jets, which direct concentrated streams of water all the way to the pipe walls.

Over time, accumulations build up on the inside of pipes much in the same way that years of poor diet will cause build-up in arteries. Grease, sand, scale, silt and any number of other sediments are the culprits in most cases.

Professional Plumbing’s high-pressure water jetting service can help clear various types of blockages and sediment by:

  • Penetrating and emulsifying grease
  • Breaking up sludge and debris
  • Cutting out hardened scale
  • Flushing out the system

Cable machines are typically used to remove tree roots and break through solid obstructions. However, they do not reach as far and are less effective at removing softer blockages such as grease, scale and other build-up. Cable machines bore holes through sludge, but they can’t clean and push the debris out of pipes as effectively as a water jet machine.

Routine maintenance keeps your plumbing lines free and functioning properly. Maintenance of this sort goes a long way toward minimizing eventual blockages that could result in more drastic and expensive repairs.

If you need to have your plumbing snaked on a regular basis Professional Plumbing’s jetting service can eliminate all debris in your lines. The service can greatly improve older plumbing lines that have years of buildup, and can also be particularly useful for homeowners that experience sand and silt build-up as chemical cleaners and augers do not flush the system completely.

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